Current Open Positions

We are looking for a machinist that likes to figure out how to create a new prototype and thrives on variety and challenge.  This is not a job for button-pushing, repetitive tasks at a CNC machine, making the same product in endless quantity. You have an opportunity to work with Solidworks and Fusion 360 to design and build prototypes and test fixtures.
Minimum education level:  2 yr. technical degree,
Minimum experience:   2 years of machining experience
Preferred candidate will have 3D CAD proficiency, interest in making things, and ability to learn from others.  Interest in electronics is a plus.
Projects Include:
  1. Fusion 360 / Solidworks 3D CAD to CNC Program generation
  2. Prototype development for product design
  3. Custom equipment fabrication
  4. 3D Prototype printing
  5. Test fixture development
Applicant is asked to describe 2 things that you machined from start to finish.  We would like to review your 3D drawings, CNC program and the finished prototype, if available.



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